Our Technology

To tell you the truth, we would rather talk about your business needs than our stuff! But if you’re interested:

Wythken Printing is a hybrid printing company. That means not only do we offer both offset and digital printing, but we offer single, multi, and process color offset printing, single and process color digital printing, and round it out with a 60” 8-color process inkjet printer.

Our front end uses both Macintosh and Windows–based platforms. We support the entire Adobe Creative Suite–please don’t design print projects using Flash!—as well as Microsoft products like Word and Publisher. Adobe Acrobat PDF files are always preferred, though they do need to be set-up correctly to get great results. (Just call us at 804-353-8282 if you have any questions.)

We have file transfer capability built directly into our web site. This ensures that users—that’s you—don’t have to fumble through additional applications and passwords just to send us some work. Click here to see how simple it is! The file size limit is around 200MB.

We have a two-unit small offset press we use for forms, letterhead, and envelopes. We also have a new four-unit offset press that uses direct imaging to digitally expose the plates in register on the press. Though we typically use this press configured for process color, it can run any series of spot colors as well. The press is waterless, which allows us to get up to color very fast and maintain a higher level of color consistency across the press run. Eliminating the fountain solution (the “water”) also reduces the carbon footprint of the press. This press runs at very high quality: our standard is 300lpi for coated stocks and 175lpi for uncoated stocks. FM screening is also available. And, no, this is not just some jazzed up digital press. We know this because…we also have process color digital presses. We use Xerox digital presses and, in fact, we participated in early testing of our large Xerox digital press. We were one of the first four companies in the United States to receive our press and it came along with a lot of engineering support from Xerox. Not only do we feel this says a lot about our general color capabilities, it also gave us tremendous insight into maximizing the use of our press.

All of our color equipment—offset, digital, and inkjet—is calibrated to the GRACoL specification. So, your color is consistent no matter which process we use to produce it.

Our bindery includes cutting, scoring, perforating, folding, saddle stitching, drilling, gluing, padding and a variety of mechanical binding techniques. For more complex projects, we have partnered with several local companies and each is considered an expert in its field.

If you have any technical question, please give Ric a call at (804) 353-8282.